War of the worlds

As a project I made my own modern version of the radio drama “The war of the worlds” by Orson Welles. When Orson broadcasted his fake news on radio almost eighty years ago listeners were frightened – as the legend tells us-. Assuming all news corresponds with reality. Now a days we still let ourselves be fooled by media into thinking they always represent reality. For example, when my moms avatar pops up in Facebook with a message I wouldn’t hesitate to think it might be someone or something else.

The nameless “The war of the worlds” project is a hidden Facebook application. It tells an interactive story where Mark Zuckerberg (a Martian) tries to conquer earth. He does this by making a social medium that is widely used and trusted by it’s users. When the medium (Facebook) is finally implemented it starts revealing it’s true intentions: conquering the world and capturing all humans. By targeting credulous users into giving information about their lives, location and resources. It does this in numerous different ways that are easily recognizable in the beginning but are a lot harder to spot later on.

The application shows a dystopian view of the way we trust digital media. What is technology capable off and what might digital media actually already know about us? It spoofs us into thinking we are save, we trust our online interactions to be true. The prototype I made raised awareness about these topics but also scared some people witch was super funny ofcourse.