Typewriter 2.0

We write a lot now a days but we tell a lot less. A handwritten letter tells you so much more than what is actually written in words. It shows you how much love and care was used and whether the writer perhaps drank coffee (and spilled it). The aesthetics of a letter written on a typewriter still tell a great story even though the pen strokes disappeared. Was someone smashing the keys or just gently touching them? All personality disapeared when we started writing on computers. Most of the time we don’t even bother to change the font.
Typewriter 2.0 is writing machine that combines the personality of handwriting and the aesthetics of the typewriter and brings it back to the computer. It investigates new ways of making writing personal in a digital age. The machine currently measures the writing speed and the pressure-time of the typist. The words written also tell the story about how it was written from the viewpoint of a desktop keyboard.

Taking this concept even further typewriter 2.1 could tell the story from the viewpoint of a mobile phone. Taking in consideration things like background sounds, time of day, location etc.