Stedelijk Museum

Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is an international institute dedicated to modern and contemporary art and design. The Stedelijk Museum sees education as a core mission. The Education Department offers striking and innovative tools, tailored to a first encounter with art and targeted at a growing commitment to the art and the museum. Teachers from primary education teaching materials that children helps to look at art, following their own interest and knowledge.

I made a design for an educational application for the Stedelijk Museum. The design consisted of a complete new concept. The concept spreads over three different areas: the website, the application itself and the activities in the classroom. Primary education uses a circle model to teach children about art. This model assumes that this is achieved by helping students to look at art through creative thinking and visualization. The main goal of the application is to enthuse the children for art.

The application is intended for counselors and teachers with a group of students through the Stedelijk museum route to walk. The children in the upper primary school (grades 6 to 8). With this application their visit can be captured through photos and videos. In the classroom or at home they can look back. The application will be elected for a private or readymade route. Works of art can be checked so that it can be viewed at the artworks in the museum. Later looked back on the website viewed. The application shows the route and provides additional information and exercises for the children and teachers.
In every work of art appropriate information can be found that fits the experiences of the child. As a bonus, there is an exercise for the student who is not interested in the visual arts.

After visiting the museum everything seen and done appears on the website. Additional exercises are offered these are intended as creative expressions. Think of expressions like: create artwork in the style of, make a work of art with a certain feeling of exploration unusual material as eg oil..

Every class is offered a box with additional materials to complete the experience. The visit to the museum is not only a getaway but a complete project.

Here you can have a look at the documentation and the contentmatrix (in Dutch).