Lowlands Bakkery

BBROOD is a new concept in the world of bakery business. Not only do they make and sell delicious bread in the Netherlands they also try to raise money to start bakery’s in Uganda. By doing this they can teach them to independently make bread and own a business. To raise money they partnered with Lowlands a Dutch annual music festival.
This festival pays a lot of attention to sustainability and good causes.

To raise money to open a new bakery in Uganda I invented the “Lowlands bakkery”. This bakery appears to be a regular stand where visitors can buy sandwiches, witch is true. Every visitor gets a bracelet at their first purchase. This bracelet contains an RFID chip with a balance on it. This balance can be used to pay for one of the ‘needs’ for the bakery. By dividing the money that is needed for a new bakery into different ‘needs’ visitors can choose to what they donate their balance. Balance is donated by simply hovering the bracelet above the ‘need’ on a big board.
For example a bakery needs a cow, bricks, wood, oven, gear etc. When the ‘need’ has earned enough the next shows up. The bakery tells both a story about why the money is needed and how the money will be spend. Users decide what they think is important.

It is a fun and quick way to engage people, raise awareness for the cause and get donations for the cause so visitors have plenty of time to enjoy the festival.