Fotomomentje is a machine that collects pictures and regenerates them into new collections based on year or location the photo was made. The project was initiated to connect people in the city and to their city, in this case Hilversum. By collecting pictures and redistributing them the aim is to get memories back, create new meaning and connect strangers.

The machine consists of a large cabinet containing a touchscreen and a tiny photo-booth. The content is brought to the machine by users. Physical and  digital pictures can easily be send to the machine. The contributor also adds data to the picture like like location and year. This way a large database is build.

From all pictures collected different streams of collections are displayed throughout the city. Think about pictures of the local market throughout the years or pictures made in 1970. We had great responses from people right away. By showing a picture memories are triggered and the stories start pouring out, a great way to connect.